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Classes and Events


What's going on at Go Baby Go?

Our class schedule is on a temporary hiatus.  Please come in during store hours to learn all about our cloth diapering, babywearing, and breastfeeding products! 



"We know stuff" at Go Baby Go and want to share our knowledge with you in a comfortable and low-pressure environment.

About Our Classes:

You don't need to bring anything (except maybe a pen) to class; however, while babies in arms are welcome, we must ask that active toddlers stay home so as not to affect the learning environment for all class participants, yourself included. 

All classes come with handy take-home materials for your future reference and a store coupon.


All classes are held at the Go, Baby, Go! location

at 6104 Broadway Suite C-4

 San Antonio, TX 78209



 Class Descriptions:

1) Cloth Diapering 101:

This class is for moms, dads, grandmas or anyone who will be a caregiver to a cloth-diapered baby.  This class gives an overview of the whys, hows, and how much $'s of cloth diapering, and then delves deeper into the different categories and how any given type of cloth diaper will be a good fit for your family.  Proper care of your cloth diapers and accessories will be covered.

The instruction portion of the class lasts for about 1 to 1.5 hours, after which questions are answered and discussed casually for those interested.  Students are dismissed or may browse the store if desired.  This class is free and offered once per month on Saturday morning.  Students will receive a packet of take-home information for future reference and a store coupon.

2) Babywearing 101:

 Taught by a trained babywearing educator--Learn the basics of babywearing by seeing, feeling and trying on examples of the main types of baby carriers on the market today.  Learn why one or another may be better for your family, and which baby carriers are best for different stages of babyhood.  Perfect for expectant parents who want to be prepared before baby arrives!

Safe baby carrier use will be explained in detail with personal attention to proper on-off and while-wearing safety.  The class will last approximately 1 hour, with flexible Q&A time afterward.  This class is free.

3) Help, I need help with a baby carrier I already own!

 Yes! We care about your success and happiness babywearing even if you didn't buy a baby carrier from us. If you need some help with the use, fit, or function of any commercially available baby carrier not purchased at Go Baby Go, we would be glad to schedule a time when we can give you our undivided attention either before, after, or during store hours as staffing allows.

30-Minute Babywearing Success Session $15.00

This session will get you up and running with any commercially available wrap, ring sling, or soft structured carrier. We will get you happy and comfortable using approved beginner holds to get you on the right trajectory for a lifetime of babywearing success. If you need help with advanced carries (back wearing, ruck sacks, etc.), you should already be using the carrier for simpler carries. If you buy a carrier from us within one week of your session, your class fee is refundable off the cost of your purchase.*

 *$15 fee redeemable in store credit only-no cash value. $15 credit is not refundable if item is returned.