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Diaper Service


Diaper Service

That's right! At long last, Go Baby Go is now washing and delivering cloth diapers to families in the San Antonio city limits!  Service may be available to Cibolo/RAFB/Converse in December upon request.  Please inquire using the contact form at the end of this page if you would like to check on a service area.  Using a diaper service  is a great way to try a month or more of cloth without the commitment and to ease the burden of laundry after you've welcomed baby home. It's a win-win and makes a fabulous baby shower gift for eco-conscious expectant parents!  Using a diaper service for just 4 months will keep over 1,000 disposable diapers out of the landfill!

Our diaper service packages are billed on a weekly basis for a minimum of 4 weeks. You can pre-reserve up to three months at a time and save!  At this time, service is available within the San Antonio city limits of Loop 1604. If you are outside of this range, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  We can drop off your initial service set pre-baby so you can cloth from day 1!

Let's get started!

Setup Fee: $30.  This one-time fee entitles you to an in-home or in-store consultation where we welcome you to the world of cloth diapers and acquaint you with the system.  At this time, you will receive your first set of diapers (or a start-date) and a washable pail liner to store your used diapers in until pickup day.  You can use a standard diaper pail or trash can that uses a kitchen-size trash bag.  Diaper Genies or other twist-bag storage systems are not usable with a diaper service.  We will provide a fresh pail liner at each dropoff.  You keep the diaper covers at your home for the duration of the service and wash them in your laundry; you can return the covers to us when you are done with service or when you change sizes.

Diaper Service Packages:

Newborn Prefolds (7-12 lbs or birth to 2 months)-80 diapers/week plus 6 XS/Size 1 covers; 2 Snappi fasteners $25/week

Infant Prefolds-(10-18 lbs or 4 weeks to 5 months)-80 diapers/week plus 6 "Size 1" covers; 2 Snappi fasteners $25/week

Bigger Baby Prefolds-(18-22 lbs or 5 months to 1 year)-60 diapers/week plus 4 "Size 2/One Size" diaper covers; 1 Snappi fastener $25/week-Please call 2 weeks ahead if you want to use this option as we do not have as many sets available as our smaller diapers. Thanks!

A la carte options:

  • Fleece stay-dry liners-no additional charge
  • Add cloth wipes $5/week
  • Rent a diaper sprayer $5/week
  • Motherlove Diaper Balm $9.99
  • Punkin-Butt Diaper Balm $11.99
  • GroVia flushable Bio-liners 200-ct $10
  • In-home 30-minute babywearing consult $25

Let us know if you need anything from our retail boutique and we are happy to deliver it to you at your initial consultation or with your diaper dropoff and conveniently bill you with your weekly payment!

Once we receive your Setup Fee either online, over the phone (210-320-1404), or in-store, we will contact you to schedule our initial consult to welcome you to the program and drop off your first set.

If you are giving the gift of diaper service to a loved one, we have printed gift certificates that are suitable for baby showers or mailing.  We can also "bank" diaper service credit electronically in our computer system. Gifted diaper service credit MUST be initiated within 2 months of baby's birth!


How do I know which size diapers to choose?

At this time, our only options are cotton prefolds. Choose the size of prefolds depending on your baby's size. If baby is not born yet, choose Newborn. We can size up to Infant as soon as you need to if baby is born large or growing fast, but Newborn really is the appropriate choice for most babies at birth.

Can I get the diapers before my baby arrives so I can use them right away?

Absolutely! We can drop off your first bag before your baby gets here. Call us and let us know when baby arrives so we can schedule your first pickup.

Do I have to rinse/scrape the diapers after each use?

If baby is breastfed, you do not need to rinse the diapers if you don't want to.  If you would like to rinse or spray them you may.  If baby is using formula or eating solids, we can deliver a roll of bio-liners with your diapers to make tossing solid or stubborn poop really easy!

How will I know how to use the diapers?

We are here to help! During our initial consultation, we will show you how to use the diapers and answer any questions you have.  

What if I don't like prefolds?

We're a bit biased--we really do think that prefolds and covers work great for diapering young babies, but they're not for everyone!  If you're not sure, come to the shop and we can show you the different types of diapers in real life and you can make the best choice for your household.  You may decide to rent a deluxe package of newborn All-In-Ones instead of doing the diaper washing service for your newborn, and that's OK, too!

Will you wash my own diapers for me?

Sorry! At this time, we are not taking in additional diaper laundry as part of the service. If you have a special circumstance, please call us and we will see what we can do for you.

What's a fitted diaper?

A fitted diaper is like an "upgraded" prefold. It is usually made of natural fiber, has a contour shape, and elastic leg openings. They are usually more absorbent than a prefold and work great for nighttime and naps.  Think of it like the performance of a running shoe compared to a flip-flop. Fitted diapers are not waterproof and you cover them with the same diaper covers you use for prefolds.  Some fitteds have snaps, and some are known as "contour" diapers and they do not have snaps-you use a Snappi or just fold to close them up.

Why don't you have All-In-Ones or pockets in your service?

We use high heat as well as an extensive hygienic washing routine to sanitize our service diapers-All In Ones have heat-sensitive components (elastic, PUL, etc.) and would not withstand diaper service style treatment for very long!

Can I do my initial consultation at the store instead of my home?

Certainly! We can do the consultation at Go Baby Go if you would like, and you can take your first week's worth of diapers home with you (within 2 weeks of baby's due date).  We will pick up and drop off your subsequent deliveries at your home.  Visiting the store is also a great opportunity to stock up on extra waterproof totes, bio-liners, and other fun stuff!

What if my baby has a sensitive skin reaction to cloth diapers?

We use the gentlest pH balanced, Chlorine-free, low-residue laundry detergent and sanitizing process that will also get the diapers super clean. If your baby gets a rash, please contact us so we can help troubleshoot.  We also recommend any of our cloth-friendly skin ointments if baby's newborn skin seems sensitive.

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We're excited to have you join us!

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