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Experiment to Own Program

Experiment To Own Diaper Rental Program

Congratulations!  You've come this far-you know you're interested in cloth but you can't decide what to do next-rent, borrow or buy?  Why not do all three?  With our two-week rental, you rent new* diapers for two weeks so that you can try them in real life on your baby.  At the end of two weeks, you return the ones you don't love and keep what you like.  If you spend $100 or more with us when returning your rental, we'll take off half of your rental fee!

Why 8 for two weeks?  Eight diapers gives you about a day's worth of cloth diapers.  By giving you eight, it allows you do do several things:

1. You get to use the diapers in real life situations, one after another, day after day.  It gives you an accurate feeling for how this cloth diapering thing really works.  Too many parents only can or want to buy one or two diapers to try out and it just doesn't achieve the same goal.

2. Wash every night or every other night. It gives you the feel of how simple washing diapers really is.  If you want to use cloth every day, you could wash nightly which is not ideal but is an acceptable sacrifice for only two weeks.  If you don't want to wash every night, you could even skip a diapering day (or half day) and STILL two weeks gives you enough time to try the diapers more than 10 times.

3. Two weeks gives you enough time to try the diapers in numerous situations.  Sometimes you might get a leak from this or that reason, but since you use the diapers over and over, you can determine if the diaper is a bad fit vs. user error.  One week is too short; one month is too long.  We bet that you will know what you like and don't like in as short as three days!

Okay, I'm in! How does it work?

For a rental fee of $49.99, you can try any 8 diapers from our store. Mix and match prefolds, fitteds, covers, hybrids, and all-in-one diapers as well as brands. "Experiment" with the diapers for two weeks and at the end of the trial period, keep the diapers you like, and return the rest to Go Baby Go. Pay only for the diapers you choose to keep, and if you purchase more than $100 when you return your program, you will get a $25 credit off your purchase!

Experiment to Own Package Includes:


  • Your choice of 8 new diapers (from available colors, sizes, & brands) *we prep Smart Bottoms for you and will rent you pre-washed diapers you can keep or swap out. This saves you time.*

  • Your choice of 2 hemp doublers (optional for older babies)

  • 1 Doorknob Diaper Pail liner (if needed)

  • Diaper-friendly laundry detergent

  • Diaper-friendly skin cream

  • Flushable Bio-liners

  • Coupon for $25 off any purchase over $100 when you return your program. Coupon must be redeemed that day.

The Go Baby Go staff will help you choose the eight diapers you would like to try from available products in stock.  It is our job to listen to you and help you curate the selection that we believe will make you the most successful at cloth diapering. Once you have selected the diapers you will be trying, you will be charged the $49.99 rental fee, and your credit card number will be held on file. Use the diapers for two weeks and wash using the laundry soap provided. At the end of two weeks, keep the diapers you wish to purchase and return the diapers you no longer want. If you purchase more than $100 on the day you return your program, you also get a $25 credit!

All diapers, inserts, doublers, and pail liners must be returned clean and freshly laundered. A $20 fee will be assessed for each item returned dirty. Diapers must be returned to our store location or be postmarked and shipped by the due date on your receipt. Normal use, wear, and light BF poop staining on returned diapers is acceptable, but a replacement fee will be assessed for any unusually harsh treatment of the returned diapers and accessories. We recommend using bio-liners to protect the diapers from poop stains and to ease the cleaning process.

Fine Print:

The Experiment to Own Program is currently available to our in-store customers only.

Purchase of diapers at the end of this trial does count toward your reward card.

Military Discount or other discounts, coupons, or store credit may not be used on the deposit or subsequent purchase.


*All diapers will be new to you except Smart Bottoms. These diapers require a considerable amount of pre-washing, so we save you time by renting you pre-washed diapers in neutral colors.  When you are done with the rental and you like Smart Bottoms, you can choose two off the shelf to call your own in any pattern or color you like.