Independent Consultants

We are not currently accepting new consultants at this time due to our brick-and-mortar store time commitments.  If we do open the program back up, we will be sure to announce it on Facebook and via our mailing list, so stay tuned.  (probably not in 2013).  Thanks for understanding!

Our Independent Consultants are here to help you make sense of all the cloth diapering options out there on the market today.  Consultants are experienced cloth diapering moms whose support lasts long after the sale.  “Like” your local consultant on Facebook to keep up with giveaways and cloth diapering current events!

Please contact one of our Independent Consultants to schedule a personal consultation!

Becoming an Independent Consultant

 Do you have a natural enthusiasm for cloth diapers and babywearing?

Do you find yourself sharing information with friends, family & total strangers about the benefits and ease of using these products?

Do you want a chance to spread the word about cloth diapers and baby carriers while earning a little extra money?

 Go, Baby, Go! is now offering the exciting opportunity to join our Independent Consultant Program! We want to help stay-at-home-mothers have the opportunity to help other parents discover the basics and benefits of cloth diapers and babywearing, all while earning some cash and spending time with their child/ren. Here are some of the benefits of the program:

  • Low initial minimum*. After that, sell as little or as much as you want.
  • Set your own hours. You can bring your children along with you if you choose or have clients come to you!
  • There is no inventory for you to carry- just a small selection of samples.
  • Buy products for yourself at a great discount!
  • Give diaper parties and offer hostess benefits just like other direct sales concepts!
  • Owning your own business gives you the opportunity to take advantage of home business income tax breaks.
  • Number of consultants is limited to ensure market share.
  • Go, Baby, Go! has unlimited growth potential! Joining the program now gives you first pick of exclusive territory!

 Go, Baby, Go! selects consultants based on cloth diapering experience and location.  If you’d like to discuss this great opportunity, please contact Elizabeth Spillmann at 210-313-4239 or email her at  

 *$50 non-refundable opt-in fee. $500 retail sales requirement in the first 6 months, including sample purchases.


 How much do the samples cost?  

Your sample set will usually cost between $200 and $350.  You can buy a basic set of samples to give your clients a basic idea of each of the different type of diapers, plus an example of this or that accessory.  As you earn money, you can reinvest your earnings in additional products along the way to create a well-rounded set.  You must start with a basic set, however, to give your clients something to see before they buy.    Your sample kit is a business investment and must be purchased within 30 days of becoming a consultant.  The more complete the set that you have to show, not only can you give your clients the best cloth diaper education, but you are more likely to sell more items when they are shown in person!  New updated printed catalogs are currently under construction.  A free set of business cards is provided when you sign up.  

 Basic Starter Set: 1 each pocket diaper, 1 fitted diaper, 1 each hybrid system (3 parts each), 4 diaper covers, 1 each size prefold, 1 snappi, 1 small & 1 large wet bag, bio-liners, 1 cloth wipe.  Approx. $200

 Complete Sample Set: 1 each pocket diaper, 1 each fitted diaper, 2 hybrid systems, 1 each diaper covers, 2 sizes prefold, 1 snappi, 1 small, 1 large wet bag, bio-liners, 1 wipe, 1 hemp liner, diaper sprayer, 1 dryer ball, cj’s samples, detergent samples, teething jewelry, moby wrap, water wrap, kozy carrier.  Approx. $420 (keep in mind that baby carriers sell themselves by being worn, and YOU are the best advertisement!  Don’t let the baby carriers live in your sample kit!  Same for teething jewelry!)

 What kind of support system is provided?

I am available by phone/email/text to answer any of your and your clients’ questions about cloth diapers and to do whatever I can to help you make the sale.  We have an online Yahoo group for hosting any graphics and files you need for your promotional items and a Facebook group to maintain contact and keep everyone informed of sales, product updates and giveaways!  We have a Facebook group for general discussion, advice, sales and product announcements.

 How do I place orders?  Do I have to run credit cards?

All orders are placed online through the Go, Baby, Go! website or over the phone.  You can place the order online for your customer using their CC or check, and your commission is refunded directly to you.  You do not have to pay for your customer’s order unless they pay you in cash.  Your customer’s order will be shipped to them or to you, whichever is preferable.  This method eliminates the need for you to collect or track local sales tax.

 I have and use diaper brand X.  Why don’t you carry this diaper, and can I show it when talking to customers?

There are so many diapers out today, and most of them are fantastic!  Unfortunately, as a small mom-run home business, I can only carry so many brands to meet our current customer demands, and I have narrowed down our selection to those that I feel provide the greatest balance of quality, value, workmanship, guarantee, customer service, and conscientious production practices, all at a price that is acceptable for our budget-conscious clients.  I do not wish to dilute our current offerings by carrying too many similar brands and try to find the best of the best in each category.  This also helps to not confuse customers new to cloth diapering who may find too many choices overwhelming.  At this time, I am not looking to add new diaper inventory (3 new brands have been added since 1-1-2011).

 Because Go, Baby, Go! is not an authorized retailer of brands not found on this site, you may not incorporate other brands in your Go, Baby, Go! sales demonstrations.  If asked, you may of course tell clients what types of diapers you personally use; however, for academic purposes it would be good for you to have tried as many Go, Baby, Go! diapers as possible to be able to accurately and honestly tell clients about them.

 I’m nervous about the $500 initial sales minimum!

Don’t be!  First of all, your samples purchases count toward this sales minimum, so by investing in your sample kit, you are carving out a huge chunk of the sales minimum.  Second, when a mom purchases a set of cloth diapers, generally she will spend, at a minimum, $150, all the way up to $500 for a sizeable pocket diaper order!  If you purchase $250 worth of samples, and sell two basic sets of cloth diapers to two families, you have already achieved your sales minimum!  Can you find two families interested in cloth who just need that hands-on sales experience in 6 months?  I bet you can, and Go, Baby, Go! is here to help!

 As with any direct sales concept, success with Go, Baby, Go! is not guaranteed–it is what you make of it!  We provide the web presence, the retailer status and the resources you need to get started!  YOU rely on your social and parenting connections, your local advertising outlets, and lots of pavement-pounding with your cloth-diapered, carrier-worn baby to get your name out!  As always, word of mouth advertising is the most effective advertisement, so a great attitude, an informed mind and OUTSTANDING customer service go a long, long way!


Go, Baby, Go! selects consultants based on cloth diapering experience, salesmanship and location.  If you’d like to discuss this great opportunity, please contact Elizabeth Spillmann at 210-313-4239 or email her at