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Newborn Diaper Rental

Newborn Diaper Rental Program

Do you want to try out cloth diapers before buying? Whether you want to try out one specific brand or an entire assortment, we’ve got your baby’s bottom covered! Choose to rent one of our packages for 1-2 months & when the diapers are returned you can use your deposit as credit towards new diapers.

Rental packages are currently unavailable via online shopping.  Please call 210-320-1404 or visit our store to view the diapers and select a rental package.

 Newborn Prefold, Mixed, and Deluxe Newborn Diaper Rental Packages are always available with a few days or weeks notice.  Please call, email or visit us for more information!  Supply is limited so please reserve your newborn rental as soon as you can!

**Deposit must be paid in store or over the phone to hold a rental spot.  Deposit is refundable in store credit if you change your mind.  If you decide you do not want to rent, please let us know so that your rental may be given to someone else.  Store credit does not need to be spent on diapers.  A deposit on a newborn rental makes a great baby gift, too!  You can ask for it on your registry with our store.

How does the program work?

Go, Baby, Go! will supply you with all you need to cloth diaper your baby for 1-2 months. You will pay a deposit of $50 when you sign up for the rental program.  This holds your rental for you and is refundable in store credit after you return your rental later on.  Our newborn rentals are a bit open-ended-there is no set end date because we never know how big your baby will be when born or how fast they grow.  The general trend is 1-2 months depending on baby's shape and growth rate.  When the diapers are returned and checked at the end of your rental period, you will receive back your deposit, less any fees plus tax in the form of store credit. Retail cost of any diapers that are damaged during the rental period will be deducted from your deposit.  Light BF poop stains are normal and, while we appreciate unstained diapers, will not result in the loss of your deposit.  Excessive staining due to not using liners with a formula-fed baby (stains diapers irreparably) or zero attempt to sun out stains could result in the loss of your deposit.  To keep things simple for new parents, we charge you for your first month's rent when you check out your diaper set; when you bring it back, we will do the math from baby's birthdate and prorate your 2nd month's rental fee for any weeks over 1 month (ie, if you keep the diapers for one month and three weeks, you would be charged for the first month at pickup and then 3/4 of the second month when you bring them back). Most babies have grown out of the rental by age 2 months, but if you would like to keep it longer, just let us know and we can charge your card for month 2 and then prorate month three when you bring it back.  If you have a baby who is small in stature but the newborn size is the best fit, we can also provide extra absorbency for you to add to the newborn diapers beyond 2 months. Read all the fine print here.

The Newborn Prefold Rental This is cloth diapering on a budget!  Save tons of money and time by renting our set of 36 newborn prefolds for just $25/month!  Set comes with 6 diaper covers, a Snappi fastener and laundry detergent to equip you with plenty of diapers that are simple to use and easy to care for. Deposit: $50 Monthly Fee: $25

The Mixed Newborn Diaper Rental Want to try out EVERYTHING on your newbie before settling on a type of diapering system?  We'll rent you 6 newborn size fitted diapers, 12 newborn All-In-One diapers, and 12 prefold diapers with 3 covers and a Snappi so you can get the full experience.   Deposit: $50 Monthly Fee: $50 depending on array of diapers

The Deluxe Newborn Prefold Rental This is perfect for the on-the-go family of a newborn who would like a more convenient option than prefolds.  Rental includes a variety pack of 24 Newborn All-In-One diapers. Deposit: $50  Monthly Fee: $60