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Nighttime Success Rental Program

Go Baby Go...To Sleep Nighttime Success Program

Do you need a nighttime solution for your little one but think that wool seems scary? Try our Go Baby Go...To Sleep Kit. We give you  everything you need to be successful with wool and let you rent it for TWO WHOLE WEEKS so you can get an accurate picture of how it works.  You can use one diaper per night and wash every other day, or use two diapers per night if you are still in the habit changing your baby in the middle of the night (this is totally OK!) and wash in the morning.

The Go Baby Go...To Sleep kit has a retail value of $120!  You can rent it for $39.99 for two weeks!  At the end of two weeks, keep what you love and return what you don't.  If you spend $75 on diapers at the end of the trial program, we will refund $20 of your rental deposit at that time!

Kit Includes:


  • Soft and Cozy Wool Cover
  • Bamboo/Organic Terry Fitted Diaper
  • Organic Bamboo Fitted Diaper
  • -or- substitute a Blueberry Econappi Diaper for one fitted diaper
  • 2 Stay-Dry Fleece Liners
  • Lanolin Cubes if needed
  • Sample of wool-friendly wash
  • Lanolizing Instructions
  • Full-time support from your friends at Go Baby Go!

How do I sign up? 

If you know you're interested ahead of time, call us at 210-320-1404 a couple days in advance and we will prep your diapers and wool for you!  We will schedule your pickup time a few days ahead so you don't have to spend your rental time prewashing your fitteds and wool.   We can take your deposit over the phone and you can pick up your rental package at your convenience.

If you want to prep and lanolize at home, you can pick up the package at our store any time.

The Experiment to Own Program is currently available to our in-store customers only.

Purchase of diapers at the end of this trial does count toward your reward card.

Military Discount or other discounts, coupons, or store credit may not be used on the deposit or subsequent purchase.