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Rachelle McCan

Rachelle McCan Baby Registry

 Use the links below to shop for selected items.  Be sure to indicate name of registrant in comments when checking out.  Please call us at 210-320-1404 if you have any questions!

   Gifts for local showers will be gift wrapped at no extra charge for local pickup.  You may pick up orders for local showers at Go, Baby, Go! during business hours or have the gift shipped to the shower hostess or to the recipient.  Include Gift Tag Message in Comments section at checkout.  

    Thank you!

Item Requested Price Size Color/Scent #Requested # Received Notes
Gift Certificates Any          
OsoCozy Diaper Sprayer $34.95     1  
Itzy Ritzy Nursing Scarf $24.95   Leopard print  1
Blueberry Simplex Newborn Diaper $18.95   any   
bumGenius Littles Newborn Diaper $14.99   Yellow, white, blue, pink, red   
bumGenius Freetime One Size Diaper $19.99   Austen, Black, Grey, Blue   
Smart Bottoms One Size Diaper $29.99   Kelvin, Purple, Green   
GroVia Hybrid Shell Diaper Cover $16.99    Any  
Blueberry Newborn Fitted Diaper $15.95     in store
EcoPosh OBV Fitted Diaper $   Atlantis blue  in store
Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs $     in store
Tula Baby Carrier $149.00   Gossamer 0